Root Vegetable Grow Bags - Two Pack


Eco-Friendly Material:

Made of breathable felt and canvas fabric, which is environmentally friendly. Our garden plant bags are made of non-woven materials, ensuring excellent air circulation while also ensuring that excess water can be quickly discharged. Roots breathe and grow healthier producing plants with thick, luxurious growth and healthy roots

Access Flap Design:

No need to dig to see if your crop is ready! You can observe the growth of the plants and easily harvest root vegetables through the flap window without having to dig.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting: They can be used to plant potato, taro, radish, carrots, onions, peanut and many other vegetables.

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Package Includes:

Two large planter bags 35cm wide x 40cm high (14″ x 16″).

Choose from brown, green or black.

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Materials: Non-woven fabrics
Product size: 38 litre – 35cm x 40cm / 10 US gallons – 13.8* 15.7inches.
Product colors: black, green, brown

– Two strong handles for easy movement
– Keep your plants roots warm in winter and cool in summer
– Suitable for green houses, outdoor gardens and balconies
– Ideal for vegetables and small fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries etc
– Made of environmentally friendly non-woven felt and canvas fabric, reusable and durable