Portable Raised Garden Containers


Renting or don’t have the time to build a permanent raised bed vegetable garden? We have your back!

Made from strong, non-woven felt, these containers are large enough to grow all the vegetables and herbs you need while being fully portable and storable.

Long lasting and environmentally friendly means that these are great value. And there are sizes for every need and garden – from balcony to backyard. Grow sweet potatoes in the large containers and your parsley and thyme in the small. How about five lettuce varieties in a medium tub? You choose…

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Big enough for serious gardeners, small enough for ease of use! Use them to grow potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, okra, herbs or anything you can think of. Save your back by raising your garden!

These portable raised garden containers also make great sandpits for the young one in the family! Or brighten up the kid’s rooms and use them for toy storage!

These raised bed containers are made from tough, non-woven felt. They are strong, long lasting and offer perfect drainage for all your plants. They are easy to move or store in harsh winter climates.

If you’ve been thinking of growing your own vegetables and herbs, this is the easiest way to get started. Just choose your sizes and colors and place your order.



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