Survival water filter

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Whether for drinking or washing out a wound, clean water is critical in any emergency situation. Small enough to fit in any backback and weighing just 50 grams, this tiny quad filter titan can purify up to 1,500 liters with a flow rate of 550ml per minute.

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Don’t be fooled by cheaper water straws that only offer a single filter and a much shorter lifespan. Our water straw has FOUR filters, a minimum five year shelf life and is good for filtering up to 1,500 liters right down to 0.01 micron. And it does all that with a flow rate of 550ml/min so that you don’t die of thirst trying to suck water through it! Best of all, this filter can be flushed clean when the flow rate starts to reduce.

  • Medical grade PP cotton: acts as a pre-filter to remove dirt and grit particles
  • Medical grade hollow fiber UF membrane: blocks 99.9999% aquatic bacteria (including E. Coli) and 99.9% protozoan cysts (including Giardia)
  • Coconut activated carbon: removes heavy metals and chlorine
  • Antibacterial beads: inhibits the growth of bacteria inside your filter
  • Made of BPA-free, food-grade materials
  • Threaded end so you can store water in any standard soda bottle

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5 reviews for Survival water filter

  1. Bob Klinger

    Great little filter. We used this on a two week trip while canoeing down the Condamine where the water was really murky after recent rain. Worked like a charm and continued to draw well right up to the last day. I’ve since worked out you can backwash it with a standard syringe but not sure how long it will now last having been used. I’ll try to update this review in a few months.

  2. Aaron Wallace

    OK, so I haven’t used it yet (and hope not to have to) but it’s certainly well made. I’m not sure why the shelf life is only shown as five years. As far as I can see, if it’s never been used there’s nothing in it that can break down or decompose. Anyway 4 stars for quality alone.

  3. M. Logan

    I really, REALLY like that this filter removes chlorine and other chemicals, not just microbes. When I was looking for an emergency filter I was disappointed that there are lots that talk about bacteria but what if the only water available is polluted with chemicals? This filter offers more for less than the best selling brands so, for me, it’s a no-brainer.

  4. America4Me

    Before buying this I compared it to the LifeStraw which sells for the same price. This one filters 1500 liters compared to only 1000 liters for the LifeStraw and this one removes heavy metals and chlorine but the LifeStraw doesn’t. They both work exactly the same when it comes to removing bacteria and other germs. The Survival water filter wins hands-down. It’s a much better buy.

  5. Rob Daniels

    Small, light and cheap. Really esay to use and clean. What’s not to like 🙂

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