Emergency Sleeping Bag

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At just 5.6oz yet measuring a full 31″ x 86″, this tiny life saver can be carried anywhere you go. Backpack, bug out kit or car glove-box. Made from long lasting, extra-think, 26μm material, your emergency sleeping bag retains up to 90% of your body heat even in extreme conditions.

With fully sealed edges, this emergency sleeping bag functions as a emergency blanket, survival sleeping bag or survival shelter. Whether you need protection against cold, torrential rain or scorching sun, this survival tool is a must have.

The bright orange color will help rescuers find you. Tiny, lightweight, yet strong, durable and way superior to a space blanket!


Designed to keep you warm and dry in extreme condtions:

Our Survival Emergency Sleeping Bag serves as your all-in-one emergency blanket, sleeping bag, survival shelter and emergency signalling device. It’s the perfect inclusion in your home or auto emergency survival kit. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Thick, tear and puncture resistance:

Your ultra-lightweight survival sleeping bag is manufactured using extra-thick 26μm material with a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to extreme conditions. It’s amply strong enough for repeated uses and easily folds up for stowing in the waterproof nylon carry bag.

Protects against rain, wind, snow and scorching sun:

Wind, water and sun proof, this survival sleeping bag can be used as a wrap, a total enclosure or as a shade. When used as a sleeping bag, it will help you retain around 90% of your body heat, even in extreme conditions.

Super-compact, ultra-light yet large adult size:

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing just 5.6oz (160 grams), yet a full 31″ wide by 86″ long (79cm x 220cm)! Your survival sleeping bag comes packed in a strong, waterproof nylon bag. Store it anywhere – car, boat, backpack or bug-out kit. 

7 reviews for Emergency Sleeping Bag

  1. Ricky

    I like to pack light whenever I go hunting or camping. I wouldn’t want to pack heavy since me and my buddies usually go on rough terrain. A bulky sleeping bag is definitely out of the question. I got this emergency sleeping bag as a gift from my wife last Christmas. She was always worried that I don’t like bringing a sleeping bag with me on trips. I would just like to say that I am extremely happy she got this for me. I have not used it much yet, but when I have it was very effective. Plus, it fits right in my gear bag without adding much weight.

  2. Sam B.

    I like having emergency items with me just in case so when I saw this product, it really piqued my interest. I never thought of having emergency sleeping bags, but after reading its description, it made sense. I bought one to see what they were like and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a lot stronger than I expected and my 3, 6 and 8 year old kids all managed to cram together in it so it’s plenty big. The best part is that it was pretty easy to store. It only took me a couple of minutes and it was back in the bag. I since got four more so we all have one. Good quality product.

    • now4dw

      Thanks for the review Sam. Be aware that your three year old should not use this unattended as it is pretty much airtight if she/he wriggles down to the bottom.

  3. Bobby T.

    I always had trouble finding a sleeping bag that could fit my large body frame. Most sleeping bags are too small so I don’t feel fully comfortable sleeping in them. On the other hand, the much bigger ones are unfortunately too bulky to bring on trips. Through a bit of online searching, I was able to find this one. It looked quite small, so the measurements caught me off guard. When I finally got it, I was pleasantly surprised. It managed to fit my 6’2″, 200-pound body inside. It did so while still giving me quite a bit of space to move around. Two thumbs up!

  4. Dave Munroe

    Hmmm, let’s be blunt here. This ain’t no goose down, luxury sleeping bag. Seriously, I hope I never have to use it but I can see why it works and it’s plenty strong enough to use for a few weeks if I had to. It’s big enough for the missus and me to fit in long as we haven’t been fighting again! I’m only giving three stars coz seriously folks, it’s as ugly as sin unless you love really bright orange.

    • now4dw

      LOL Dave. I see you bought two so I’m guessing you’re not taking any chances. The orange color is a safety feature as it helps rescuers locate you if needed.

  5. Bill Jameson

    Whenever I go hiking or camping, I only like to carry things that have multiple purposes. For example, I have a radio that also has a flashlight as well as a compass. That’s why I was looking for something similar if I were to buy an emergency sleeping bag. This one can be used as a bag, a blanket or opened up to create a shelter and the color can be seen from miles away if you need rescuing. Good price, good quality. Definitely recommend.

  6. Jin Tang

    I ordered this because I was planning on a hiking trip with friends up into the mountains near here. One of my hiking buddies has something similar and suggested I get one. This unit comes at a very good price point compared to others I saw. It’s really affordable, but not cheap quality. Delivery was about 10 or 12 days. It’s well-constructed and is made of a heavier material than my buddy’s one. The carry sack is very strong and big enough that you really can repack the bag in it easily. There was only one night where it was cold enough to try it (about 50) but it was too good! I ended up getting out and using it as a blanket instead and that kept me comfortable. I think it would need to be 40 or less before I would use it as a sleeping bag. Hope that helps.

    • tina

      Hi Jin and thanks for the review. We wouldn’t consider 40 degrees to be extreme weather unless you were stuck in the open with only light clothing. But as you found out, it also works very well as a blanket. It can also be used as a groundsheet to protect you from damp and cold.

  7. Cole H.

    I was used to sleeping inside tents since I go on camping trips quite a bit. On one occasion, it was extremely cold outside and my friends and I found it hard and uncomfortable to sleep. What’s even worse was that we could not seem to keep our tent closed. Ever since that happened, we have been looking for the perfect emergency sleeping bag. This one ticked all of the boxes of what we were looking for. It’s nice and compact, but did not sacrifice functionality.

    • tina

      Thanks for the kind review Cole. Glad you like our emergency sleeping bag but it sounds like you need a better tent as well.

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